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Comic book collection 1985 – 1998. Some titles are incomplete due to a house fire I suffered because of an arsonist 30 years ago. read each book the second I got home from the book store back in the day, without damaging the spines (except for the crateful I inherited from my little brother when he passed away in 2008). I couldn’t help it! I was a voracious reader hooked on the stories, the heroes and villains, good versus evil. 🙂

 I’ve just come off of a long, necessary hiatus and, once again, these pages will be UPDATED REGULARLY as I inventory and add to this blog that I originally began in March 2020.

Gambit (1993 Marvel)

Generation X / NeXt (1994-95 Marvel)

Ghost (1995 Dark Horse)

Ghost Rider (1992 Marvel)

Green Lantern Corps Quarterly (1992 DC)

Guardians of the Galaxy (1991-92 Marvel)

Harbinger (1993 Valiant)

Heru, Son of Ausar (1993 ANIA)

Human Torch (1990 Marvel)

Iron Marshall (1990-93 Jademan)

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